South Shield RLFC

4th September 1901
South Shields play Warrington in First Northern Union (Rugby League) fixture. Matches played at Horsley Hill, South Shields and they played for 3 seasons.

At the end of the 1903/4 season, they finished 3rd bottom of Division 2 but were denied re- election even though the two clubs below them in the league were re-elected.

South Shields final game was on 30th April 1904 away to St Helens

In 1901 Wallsend Joined the Cumberland league in November the same year but lasted just 11 games.

A third team St Pauls, played a few games including a Northern union Cup match – against South Shields

Newcastle RLFC

On May 13th 1936, the Council of the Rugby League consider application for a new club based in Newcastle. Despite some reservations, the other clubs voted Newcastle 17 – 14 to admit Newcastle to the Northern Rugby League. Newcastle played in red shirts and were known as the Cherry and Whites.

Based at Brough Stadium in Byker, East End of Newcastle for the 1936/7 season, their first game was on 29th August 1936 away to Featherstone Rovers. Their first home game was versus Huddersfield on 3rd September 1936.

Newcastle played for two seasons, the second season based at the new White City Stadium, Scotswood. Their first opponents at the new ground were Featherstone Rovers on 28th August 1937 and the final game was on 4th May 1938 away at Wakefield Trinity.

On 8th June 1938 Newcastle’s application for re-admission to the Northern Rugby League had been rejected, with clubs voting 15 – 6 against Newcastle and poor finances blamed as the reason.