Mick Hogan talks about Newcastle Thunders history

Andy Campbell

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Mick Hogan talks about Newcastle Thunders history

Mick talks about the history of Newcastle Thunder (formally Gateshead Thunder). The history of the Club goes back to 1999 explaining the timeline of events and the key characters who often with their own time and money brought the sport to the North East. He summarizes the highs and lows, different owners including Dave Wickham and Steve Worsnop until the mid 2000’s when Keith Christie added his support to the Club. In 2014 Semore Kurdi a local property investor who first invested in the club in 2010 became the owner. He purchased the majority stake in 2011 from former owner Dave Thompson and the Club was rebranded as Newcastle Thunder playing at Kingston Park with Newcastle Falcons Rugby Union also owned by Kurdi. Both teams contributing to the charitable trust.

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